Executive Coaching

While climbing the corporate ladder at Levi Strauss & Co., Anheuser-Busch, Inc., and The Seven Up Company, I personally experienced the challenges of succeeding in corporate life. My Executive Coaching program begins with helping you learn how to successfully integrate into a new corporate culture; initiate and manage your own on-boarding process; establish effective relationships with your supervisors, peers, and subordinates; develop and promote your personal brand; seek and recruit mentors and sponsors; the difference between leading and managing; and many other lessons that you don’t learn in business school.  I work with executives in the Dallas area to overcome their personal corporate challenges and become an inspiring and motivating leader that achieves success at every level.

Utilizing the Energy Leadership Development Program, I help my corporate clients:

  • Craft their personal vision and mission statement
  • Create 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month professional and personal goals and strategies
  • Identify the strengths, qualities, and characteristics for success in their corporate role and strategies to develop these to their full potential
  • Remove barriers to success
  • Become a more effective and inspiring leader by developing their Emotional Intelligence
  • Be a dynamic and powerful communicator
  • Positively influence others and collaborate successfully
  • Develop stronger problem solving skills
  • Improve personal productivity
  • Develop high energy relationships
  • Reduce stress and live healthier
  • Better time management and balance in their lives
The process begins with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment which measures your leadership potential and how your current energy levels and attitude are affecting you and the success you are seeking.  From the assessment, in-depth coaching questionnaire, and interviews with your supervisor, peers, and direct reports, we create your personal goals for success.  The initial term of the coaching engagement is six months and includes 4 hours per month of coaching in-person, on the phone, or via Skype; the Energy Leadership Development Program workbook; the initial Energy Leadership Index Assessment and another after six months of coaching to measure progress; and unlimited email and phone contact.


  • Victor has a great capacity to engender both confidence and ease within his clients. His ‘provocative proposition’ exercise helped one of my previous teams realize all the possibilities ahead of us, and his personal coaching helped challenge me to find my best self while looking at how others respond to me through a less judgmental lens. I actually find myself quoting Victor often and use his energy leadership tools to help navigate various situations. If you want to step up your game or become a more effective leader/manager, Victor can be just the catalyst you need on your team.

  • My company hired Victor after a lengthy and intense vetting process, which included three interviews with my two partners and myself. We placed Victor as our Roving Coach onsite with a multinational client in Dallas and were pleased to receive immediate positive feedback about his exceptional style and results as a coach. The rave reviews continued throughout the duration of the contract and the clients’ expectations were exceeded in every way. On the occasions when the Human Resource representatives and company CEO met Victor, they were most impressed with his professionalism and great personality, and commented on them to us. We look forward to working with Victor in the very near future!

  • - Michelle Metzger, CEO, Metzger and Associates
  • - C.J. Scarlet, Co-Founder, Roving Coach