What Is Energy Golf?

It has often been said that the game of golf is the perfect metaphor for the game of life.  As every serious player will tell you, during a round of golf you can experience the emotional “highest of highs” and the “lowest of lows”.  However, with every new swing, you have the opportunity for redemption and to hit the shot that represents “perfection”.

By combining the principles of Core Energy to give you the competitive mental advantage, golf fitness and instruction techniques from the Titleist Performance Institute, and advanced fitness strategies from the Cooper Institute, I have developed a new model for golf instruction, Energy Golf, that is a holistic approach to taking your game to the highest level.  Some of the many benefits that you will receive from Energy Golf are:

  • Take several shots off your handicap and the lowest scores you have ever shot
  • Hit the ball crisper, with more distance, and in the direction you’re aiming
  • Get up and down to save par with more consistent pitches, chips, and bunker play
  • Learn how to develop and execute a game plan and course strategies
  • A consistent pre-shot routine
  • More one putts and no more 3 putts!


I use the latest in video technology and swing aids to provide the visual and sensory feedback to ingrain swing adjustments.

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  • Victor was my first golf coach. He was terrific. Learning the game of golf at any age is a challenge. After 60, it can be daunting. Victor was a delight – informed, accessible, intelligent and creative. I am confident these attributes carry over to his other endeavors, as well.

  • - Bob Harter, Owner, Harter Aviation