Group Coaching Circles

whether you’re the CEO of a large corporation, the leader of an underperforming department, the owner of a small or midsize company, or a solopreneur such as a graphic designer, personal trainer, bookkeeper, or a growing number of other single practitioners, you know how lonely it is when the buck stops with you! Who can you turn to for inspiration, creative strategies, and to hold you accountable for moving forward in your career or business? Also, time and financial resources may preclude one on one executive or business coaching. My Group Coaching Circles program addresses these issues and helps company teams or a non-team group of corporate professionals or entrepreneurs work together to share lessons learned, best practices, capitalize on the diversity of thought, and create efficiencies through shared knowledge.
Group coaching offers a thorough assessment of each participant’s challenges and opportunities and a feedback and coaching process tailored to meet the group’s needs and to hold each participant accountable for moving forward in their career, business and life. The program is available for personal delivery at your offices and can also be delivered by conference call or video via Google Hangout.

How It Works

  • The Group and I develop a clear agreement on the individual and group desired outcomes for the engagement.
  • Each Group member takes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and receives a personal one hour debrief of the assessment results.
  • Coaching, motivational, consultative and educational processes, techniques and content will be utilized to enhance effectiveness.
  • The group and each participant will be challenged and supported by the group and I to keep personal commitments made in the group.
  • Each group will meet twice a month for one-hour Group Coaching sessions and the term of the Coaching Engagement will be a minimum of six (6) months with the option to extend beyond the initial engagement.
  • Each participant will be entitled to an individual 15 minute Laser Coaching session once a month with me.

Who Is It For

  • Members of a department or division that want to improve their performance
  • CEO’s that want the privacy and confidentiality to work with a group of their peers on improving their leadership skills
  • Entrepreneurs, whether owners of small to midsize businesses or single practitioners, that want their own personal board of advisors and brain trust to help them lead and grow their businesses.
  • Corporate professionals from different organizations that share the same issues and challenges in moving forward in their careers.


  • Shared knowledge of a specific area of your profession or business that will enhance your skills and experience.
  • Increased productivity through shared practices and lessons learned.
  • A private and confidential space to share with total confidentiality your personal challenges and concerns with a nonjudgmental group.
  • The diversity of thought that drives synergy and creates out of the box thinking and solutions to each participant’s challenges and opportunities.